Ghosts of the High Uintas

Sam’s new dog, Stretch

When two young people disappear into the high and rugged terrain of the Uinta Mountains of northern Utah, a search and rescue mission is launched. Sam Webber and his new search dog, Stretch, find the body of one of the missing people, but that find creates as many questions as answers. Why were they there? What happened? And, most importantly, where is the other missing person? To answer these questions, Sam, Stretch, and the rest of their team must search not only into the mountains but also into the past. The team will battle the mountains, the weather, a fanatical religious cult, and a raging wildfire to find the truth. But they won’t be alone. They’ll get some help from an unexpected source—the Ghosts of the High Uintas.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll read in Ghosts of the High Uintas

“Steve, Sam, get your packs off and hand ‘em to me and Eldon, then get ready to grab your dogs,” Travis yelled over the roar of the oncoming fire, “Then wait ‘til I tell you to move. It’s gonna get really hot here before we can move into that escape fire. You’re gonna have to suck it up.”

Travis turned to watch the fire coming at him. Sparks and embers were flying all around them. He heard one of the dogs yelp when a hot ember burned through his fur. They all had wet bandanas tied around their nose and mouth, but breathing in the heat and smoke was hard. They had all crowded next to Travis to hear him over the fire’s roar.

I can’t believe how calm these guys are. I’m a smokejumper; I’ve been here before. This is the first time they’ve dealt with something like this. Even Stretch and Luke are acting like it’s just another day out in the woods. Good dogs.

Travis took one more look behind and turned to the team, “OK, guys! Get ready! Pick up your dogs! And ….. go!”

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