Ghosts of the Buffalo Wheel

medicine-wheel-1764x700-for-webThe Buffalo Wheel sits high up in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. This ancient stone circle has been sacred to the native people for thousands of years. But now, something has gone wrong. Sees Wolf, an Arapaho medicine man thinks he knows the problem, but he’ll need help to solve it. He’ll need some good dogs. Gunny and Luke are back together and joined by a new search dog. With Sam, Steve, Rebecca, and the rest of the team from “Ghosts of Iwo Jima” they’ll travel to the Buffalo Wheel and encounter a friendly wolf spirit and an evil man. When Rebecca’s life is threatened, it will take all their training and courage to overcome human greed and folly to save her and the Buffalo Wheel.

Here’s an Example of What You’ll Read in Ghosts of the Buffalo Wheel

“This is Incident Command to all units. Incident Command to all units. Standby for RF jammer and K9 deployment.
“Incident Command to all units, RF jammer activation and K9 deployment in five…, four …, three …, two …, one …, Now!”
Steve Haney looked down at the black Lab sitting at his side. Luke was calm despite the hundreds of flashing lights and strange men wearing helmets and flak jackets and carrying a variety of weapons running around behind them. Steve then looked over at the base of the steps leading up to the Rotunda of the University where a box about a foot long in each dimension and wrapped in plain, brown paper sat waiting. That was their target, and it was time to go to work.
Steve looked back over his shoulder to a police van about twenty yards away and got a thumbs-up that indicated the RF jammer was powered up and working. A lot of the Marine units that Steve and Luke had worked with during their eleven months in Afghanistan had used radio frequency jammers to make it harder for the Taliban to use a cell phone or garage door opener to remotely detonate an IED. Steve had managed to talk Lieutenant Price, the commander of the Charlottesville police SWAT team, into buying one and using it in a situation like today’s. Of course, it shut down everyone’s cell phone in about a quarter mile radius and screwed up garage door remotes, but no one had complained—yet.
Steve looked at the flags at the entrance to the Rotunda and saw that the slight breeze was blowing across the face of the building from his right to left so Steve pointed Luke to the left and said, “Luke! Search!” and sent him downwind to begin checking out the target.

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