A Dog Named Scrum


Ed Robertson suffered a terrible injury as a Marine in Vietnam and is struggling to get his life back on track. He dreams of the time when he was a standout rugby player, but his dreams always end in pain and fear. Sally Prentice is dealing with heart-breaking losses in her past. Both Ed and Sally are trying to find their way back to the persons they used to be, but they’re not having much success on their own. The key to their recovery comes in a most unusual form. An abused and abandoned dog brings Ed and Sally together and shows them how to overcome their pain and fear and live a joyful life. Set in the turbulent mid-1970s, A Dog Named Scrum combines stories about the best and worst of the human spirit with historically accurate and realistic depictions of the war in Vietnam. A Dog Named Scrum is a prequel to the Sam and Gunny K9 Adventure Series.

Here’s an Example of What You’ll Read in The Very First Dog

The dog lay in his house in the yard. He had the broad head and chest of a medium-size, yellow Lab. He might have given the appearance of a pedigree if it weren’t for the long legs and floppy, brown ears of a southern coon hound.

He was the bastard offspring of a mismatched mating. There were millions of dogs like him. He was a mutt, a mongrel, a cur. He was nothing special.

Unless you looked into his eyes. The dark, brown eyes seemed to have more depth than was possible for a dog to have. They shone with intelligence and friendliness. But no one had looked at his eyes in a long time.

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